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Sandra Sartor

Sandra’s passion is to collaboratively work with families and schools to s...

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Kiaya Edwards

Speech Pathologist at Little Learners Love Literacy

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Sarah Collins

Sarah is a primary school educator with over 17 years experience. She has her...

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Kate Hardinge

Kate is a Primary trained educator with over 17 years of experience, curre...

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Marianne Grasso

Marianne Grasso is a primary school educator and director of Bright Stars Edu...

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Alexandra Harper

Alex is Little Learners Love Literacy’s publishing manager – dev...

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Lyn Stone

Lyn is a linguist, literacy consultant, specialist tutor and author of Spelli...

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Maureen Pollard

Maureen is the creator of Little Learners Love Literacy® and Sound Check....

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Lisa Bellman Ansell

Lisa Bellman Ansell is a teacher at New Gisborne Primary School. She is readi...

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