Lyn is a linguist, literacy consultant, specialist tutor and author of Spelling for Life, Language for Life and Reading for Life. Her goal is to help teachers awaken linguistic curiosity in their students using creative, engaging tools and strategies that are based upon scientific consensus as to what constitutes best practice. Her works examine and offer approaches to literacy instruction in an effort to raise the quality of teaching for everyone.



Language for Life

In this full day workshop participants will learn how to teach students an understanding of the English language – nouns, pronouns and verbs.  A simple marking system will be explained to connect each element. Quality literature will be used as a tool to explain subject and verb as well as agreement and tense. Other parts of speech are explained and defined using this scaffolded marking system.

Putting it all together

What is a sentence?  What is a phrase?  Lyn will guide participants so that they have the knowledge and skills to implement ideas immediately in the classroom.

Morphology in depth

Understanding the smallest units of meaning in the English language is crucial for spelling and reading. Lyn will explain the skills and knowledge needed to teach morphology – the understanding of root words, prefixes and suffixes plus much more …

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Lyn Stone

Lyn is a linguist, literacy consultant, specialist tutor and author of Spelli...

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About Little Learners Love Literacy

While working with children who needed additional support, Maureen Pollard realised there was a need for explicit and sequential phonemic and phonics teaching in Australian classrooms. When she helped teachers change their approach and pedagogy, the overall literacy results improved drastically and Learning Logic and Little Learners Love Literacy® was born.

Evidence-based literacy research stresses the importance of explicit and sequential literacy teaching from the beginning. Our goal is to have this happening in every Foundation classroom from Day 1, giving children the best possible chance of being fluent readers, writers and spellers.

It also makes it clear that the most effective way of teaching reading is to include 5 key components: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency practice, vocabulary and comprehension. Little Learners Love Literacy® has been developed to do this in a simple, sequential, explicit, effective and engaging way.

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