Teach Little Learners Love Literacy with confidence. This unique 2-day workshop will prepare you to implement LLLL in the classroom – explicit teaching of reading and spelling.


Day one will introduce the basic alphabetic code and extended consonant code – in line with our scope and sequence for a Foundation classroom. You will learn about the science, theory and research underpinning LLLL. 

Day two will introduce the extended vowel code, as well as delve into morphology, vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. The scope and sequence for Year 1 will be discussed in detail.


This two-day workshop is perfect for:

  • Foundation and Year 1 teachers

  • Literacy Leaders who are seeking more knowledge on implementing LLLL in the early years

  • AP and Principals who want to learn more about the pedagogy of explicit sequential synthetic phonics and what it looks like in the classroom

  • Educators who want to know how to use our formative assessment tools LLARS, LLASS and ToPALL – which assess phonological skills, alphabetic code knowledge, reading and spelling across Foundation and Year 1.

Both days for $500. The price includes a sample pack of Little Learners Learners Literacy resources , lunch and refreshments.



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  • 2-day workshop: Teaching Little LLLL 4th & 5th March 2021

    The LLLL Hub, 94 Union Road, Surrey Hills 3127, VIC

    Mar 04, 2021. Time: 09:30 - 15:30

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2-day workshop: Teaching Little LLLL 4th & 5th March 2021
The LLLL Hub, 94 Union Road, Surrey Hills 3127, VIC
09:30 - 15:30
Mar 04, 2021
Remaining spots: 6


Lisa Bellman Ansell

Lisa Bellman Ansell is a teacher at New Gisborne Primary School. She is readi...

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Alex is Little Learners Love Literacy’s publishing manager – dev...

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About Little Learners Love Literacy

While working with children who needed additional support, Maureen Pollard realised there was a need for explicit and sequential phonemic and phonics teaching in Australian classrooms. When she helped teachers change their approach and pedagogy, the overall literacy results improved drastically and Learning Logic and Little Learners Love Literacy® was born.

Evidence-based literacy research stresses the importance of explicit and sequential literacy teaching from the beginning. Our goal is to have this happening in every Foundation classroom from Day 1, giving children the best possible chance of being fluent readers, writers and spellers.

It also makes it clear that the most effective way of teaching reading is to include 5 key components: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency practice, vocabulary and comprehension. Little Learners Love Literacy® has been developed to do this in a simple, sequential, explicit, effective and engaging way.

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